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Many thanks to Lobby Robinson for providing the guitar music on my framing page video.  More details from Lobby at his web page


Thanks to my daughter Lucy for creating the framing video on the service page, and for all of the instruction she has given me on the website.  So, a quick plug for her hand made ceramics ...


Good news for many of my customers, I am now able to accept payments by debit/credit cards

Payment Card Logos_edited.jpg

2023 was a busy year for me, with framing and supplying mounts for many local expos, together with an increase in general framing orders.  

I thank all of my customers for their loyal support, it is genuinely appreciated.  Thank you.


I am very aware that my website is only showing in English. I have been working on translating the pages to French but some technical glitches with the galleries pages have cropped up. I apologise to my French website visitors and I hope to have the French version available during 2024.

Flag FR.png
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