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2023 has so far been a busy year for me, with framing and supplying mounts for many local expos, together with an increase in general framing orders.  

I thank all of my customers for their loyal support, it is genuinely appreciated.  Thank you.

Good news for many of my customers, I am now able to accept payments by debit/credit card, finally doing away with those silly old cheques !

Payment Card Logos_edited.jpg


I have recently added Briony Best to my featured artists pages.  I hope to add further artists during 2023, always trying to maintain a diverse selection of art.

Please support our local artists.


I am very aware that my website is only showing in English. I have been working on translating the pages to French but some technical glitches with the galleries pages have cropped up. I apologise to my French website visitors and I hope to have the French version available during 2023.

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